A Bold Shift from the Ordinary

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Today is the Day Without Art. Therefore I will take a day off from the hectic pace of posting on this blog.


Seriously, AIDS is as old as I am. Still no sign of a cure, and even making it manageable is a serious challenge. That’s messed up. It needs to change.


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I left home on June 30 for a trip to Canada, and emotionally I still really haven’t settled back in again. The trip was a blast, and it made me rethink several aspects of my daily life. That, combined with a busy work schedule and a lot of personal upheaval, has kept me from doing a lot of what I love most. That includes not just maintaining this blog, but nearly all the things that I consider to be part of being a photographer.

Things are beginning to calm down somewhat, and I expect to start slowly re-entering the world of blogging. This serves as a forum not merely to display my work and publicize other artists’ projects, but also as a place for me to “think out loud” and work my way through some of the mental and emotional parts of the artistic process.

So, if anyone is still around out there – I’m (you know, mostly) back.


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I know I never finished my series on recommended purchases and I intend to return to it in the next few days. I will be doing so from Canada. Last Wednesday I learned that I would be traveling to Nova Scotia for two weeks starting tomorrow. The intervening week has been a blur. I will have my new iPad with me, and with a wifi connection in the house I expect to maintain a semblance of online activity. I don’t know whether any photos will go up while I’m there or if I’ll wait until I return home to edit and upload. One way or another I expect a few good images to come from the trip, and possibly a few new prints for sale.

Buy This: Echolilia by Timothy Archibald

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ECHOLILIA / Sometimes I Wonder
Published June 2010 by Echo Press, San Francisco, CA
Hardcover / 11 x 13 inches/ 70 pages / 43 photographs with an interview by Andy Levin of 100 Eyes Magazine.
First Printing: 20 copies signed by the artists
$120.00 plus shipping and handling via Paypal

If you have been following Timothy Archibald‘s work, you already know what this is about. If you haven’t been, then you should really check him out and learn all about the series of photographs he has created with his son, Echolilia.

The project has finally produced a book, available by direct purchase. It comes signed by both Timothy and his son. At $120 it’s not necessarily cheap, but it’s also not out-of-bounds expensive. And it supports a pair of artists and a body of work that deserve support.

For more information about the series, you can read the interview conducted by Andy Levin at the 100 Eyes Blog.

Buy This: Ryan Pfluger Print Sale

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Thanks to the wonders of the WordPress stat widgets, I know that many blog readers first discovered me by searching for Ryan Pfluger. So I think it’s only proper that I kick off a special series of posts, each dedicated to photography purchases and unimaginatively titled, with an advertisement for Ryan’s current print sale.

If you want to take advantage, act fast: he’s only accepting orders through Wednesday, June 23. But do be sure to take advantage. For a mere $60 (that even includes shipping within the US!) you can receive an 11×14 print of your choice of (almost) ANY image appearing on his blog, his website, or his Glasshouse Assignment portfolios. (Sadly this last link is to a Flash site, making it impossible to direct-link or to view on an iPad. But if you’re using a Flash-enabled browser, just click on his name to pull up several of his portfolios.)

For full details, click here.

While I think it’s always important to support artists selling their work, I love it even more when a specific purchase is going to support the growth of that artist AS an artist. In this case, Ryan is selling prints to offset the expenses incurred in some upcoming shows in which he’ll be participating. So by purchasing a print, you will have a photograph to be proud of AND the knowledge that you’ve helped a photographer practice his craft.

Look for more “Buy This” posts over the next few days. If you would like to be included, please contact me with the details of your print sale, book release, etc.

Why I’m A Photographer

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Because art is powerful.

Yesterday I woke to emails letting me know that Phillip Toledano’s new book is out and that Daniel Shea is having a print sale. Then I went to the post office and picked up a print from Ryan Pfluger. Then late in the evening there was a notice on Ryan’s blog of another print sale.

And all of those things made me proud to be a photographer, because whether my work is anywhere near the same league as theirs or not, we belong to the same community.

I’ve spent the last hour going through Ryan’s blog looking for which prints I’ll purchase this go-round, and it’s emotionally draining because seeing his art and reading his life’s story (that part of the story he shares online, anyway) makes me want to be a better artist and a better person.

Links to the above exciting things, each of which will receive their own richly-deserved post this weekend:

Phillip Toledano, Days With My Father

Daniel Shea Print Sale

Ryan Pfluger Print Sale


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Although I’ve never felt inhibited about sharing my own photography on this blog, it’s always been within a certain context that I’ve done so. It’s never been a place I felt inclined to use to showcase random snaps I’ve taken recently, or to give too much exposure to developing projects.

With that in mind, I recently created a Tumblr feed for myself, to experiment with this different style and forum of blogging that has become so popular. It’s been rather enjoyable so far. I’ve finally been able to give some exposure to the figure study I’ve been discussing for so long, and to showcase an ongoing not-really-a-project of still lifes of spring flowers growing in my yard (although the first in the series was of an onion that had decided to turn back into a plant on my kitchen counter, and I expect it will expand as I find new things to document).

So, if you’re at all inclined, please visit me at http://dcupp.tumblr.com. If you’re also a Tumblr user, you can follow me; if you’re not there’s an RSS feed if you’d like a way to keep up with my postings automatically.