New content on the website

I’ve added a few pages of content to the website, although much of it remains under construction.

Under Portraiture, I’ve written a long description of a photo project I recently completed with my 3-year-old goddaughter, Ani. The four portraits that comprise this project are displayed there. Although I’ve written a good deal of commentary, I may later update this with some behind-the-scenes photos and outtakes.

I’ve also posted a portfolio gallery under Portraiture. I hope to update this gallery regularly, even when a project isn’t big enough to gets its own page. For now you can see some more work with Ani, and I’ve filled out much of the rest with various family portraits (including my parents’ dog, Bandit).

Under Commissions, I’ve posted a gallery of 24 photos I took last month at a wedding shower given for my cousin Dan and his fiancee Margaret. They’re a great couple and it was a great night. I hope these pictures do them some justice.

I’ve also done some technical commentary on the Artist’s Statement page, though I’m still developing my formal statement.

More content should be coming online in the next few days. Check back here, or subscribe on your RSS reader, to be notified when it’s up.


~ by David Cupp on June 25, 2008.

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