A quick update

My total of two regular readers will have noticed a dramatic lack of posts for the last few weeks. The vastly lower number of regular website visitors will have seen that nothing has been done there either. I could give you an honest explanation of why I’ve been so quiet for so long (it woud probably have to do with a combinatin of family responsibilities and a great deal of time spent working on personal projects), but I prefer to let your mind wander.

In the vein of making this more than an “I’m still alive!” post, I’d like to let you all (all two of you, that is) know that I have been working on setting up a fine art print program. I’m down to the last two decisions, which are unfortunately major and taking a great deal of time: the medium of the prints, and what prints to initially offer. As far as medium goes, I’ve just ordered a run of print proofs from a lab on the east coast that I believe may better fit my fine art images than the digital prints I have been so happy with in my portrait work. Keep your fingers crossed for me that this will put the question of medium to an end, and I’ll be able to order an initial print run soon.

Of course, to do so means deciding on which images from my existing portfolio I’m ready to begin offering for sale. I’ve decided I’m going to work in Collections, which will be sets of images with a common theme. I’ll start a new collection when I’m ready to offer at least three images in the set, and I’m going to try to introduce a new collection every couple of months. Right now my ideas for the initial offering are based on some of my strongest work to date:

The Pensacola Beach Collection: a series of landscapes, waterscapes, and abstract photographs taken on or around Pensacola Beach and Santa Rosa Island.

The Northwest Florida Collection: a series of landscapes, architectural, and other photographs taken in the Florida Panhandle.

The Glimpses of History Collection: a series of architectural close-ups of various historical buildings, initially concentrating on the NW Florida area, but most likely evenually expanding to other areas as well.

The Florida Keys Collection: a series of various photographs taken during my time in the FL Keys.

The Adams Farm Collection: a series of photographs taken around my family farm, largely concentrating (at first) on the various old trees dotting the acreage.

My initial offering will probably feature two of these collections, with others to follow as I put sets together. I’ll try to add images to each collection regularly, and as I said, I want to try introducing new collections every couple of months.

I’m also considering a Print of the Month Club, which would offer a low-cost way to quickly build a fine art photography collection. If I work out the details, I’ll be announcing them within the next few months, presumaly to start mailing in January 2009.


~ by David Cupp on July 26, 2008.

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  1. Your beach pics turned out well! Good job!

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