New Prints: Over Calm Waters and Evidence

Over Calm Waters from the Northwest Florida Collection

Blackwater River separates the downtown district of Milton from the eastern part of the city. When my grandparents were my age, to go from one side of the river to the other meant a ferry ride. (One that, in the greatest traditions of “in my day” stories, was apparently interminable and incredibly expensive.) Today, Highway 90 spans the river. Blackwater Bridge is spectacularly unspectacular, stretching only a short distance. But from the underside, it is as interesting as any bridge.

This was one of my first abstract architectural photographs. Though originally shot as part of a larger project, the project lies forgotten and this one image has become a favorite of mine. I’m a great fan of the idea of receding pillars or arches, and am always looking for a way to take photographs of such structures without them turning out cliche. I hope that this photograph has done that successfully.

Evidence from the Pensacola Beach Collection

Since I was a child, I’ve loved watching the waves make patterns in the sand. While my cousins were frantically searching for shells, I would be jealously guarding my own bit of beach so that only the action of the surf would disturb the patterns in the sand. This was all brought back to me the day I happened to get to the beach at the lowest point of high tide. It was a freakishly cold day, and the part of beach I was at had obviously been untouched by man the entire afternoon. The patterns extended far from the edge of the water, and the only evidence that the water had ever reached so high were these seemingly random lines in the sand.


~ by David Cupp on August 12, 2008.

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