Photography.Book.Now Winners

Blurb, a force in on-demand photo book printing, is at the final stage of its Photography.Book.Now competition, with the awards ceremony coming tomorrow in San Francisco. Everyone was invited to enter a book of their own photography. A People’s Choice award will be announced tomorrow at the ceremony, but the juried prizes have already been announced.

In first place, Beth Dow won $25,000 for In the Garden, a collection of platinum photographs of English gardens. Photopreneur had a blog post yesterday discussing The Secrets of a Winning Photography Book.

The general category winner was Talia Chetrit with Reading. The themed category winner was Jonathan Smith’s The Bridge Project.

First runner-up in the general category was John Lehr, Something is Happening. The themed category first runner-up was Cara Phillips, Singular Beauty.

Second runner-up in the general category was Michael Corridore, Roadworks – (Dreamend, Nowhere, Whitesville) and other stories. Second runner-up in the themed category was a tie between Benjamin Lowy for Iraq | Perspectives and Ed Panar for Johnstown.

All these books are excellent, as are the honorable mentions, the full count of which is on the Winner’s List.

I’ll post an update tomorrow night when the People’s Choice winner is announced. Congratulations to everyone.

Update: I mistook the date of the awards ceremony – it will be Friday, September 19, not tonight.
Update II: Blurb finally announced the winner of the People’s Choice award late Monday. Read about it here.


~ by David Cupp on September 18, 2008.

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