New Photography Exhibitions

An Ansel Adams Gallery exhibit has opened at MUMM Napa Winery’s Fine Art Photography Gallery. Trees: Perspectives and Interpretations will run through March 19, and features photography by Adams and other photographers represented by the Ansel Adams Gallery. If you can’t make it to see the exhibit in person, at least check out the link above, which features a slideshow of several of the featured images.

The International Center of Photography introduced four exhibitions Friday:

More information on each show is available via the links above. PDNPulse features a video of the ICP exhibitions, which is well worth checking out.


~ by David Cupp on September 23, 2008.

3 Responses to “New Photography Exhibitions”

  1. I’m hearing a lot about the America and the Tintype gallery, but havent come across any reviews yet. I really want to see it, but I’m too far from NY.

  2. dags: I doubt I’ll be in NYC while the exhibition is running, but I will be purchasing the catalog… I’ll post a review when I receive it, and if I hear any reviews from people who’ve actually been, I’ll be sure to link to them.

  3. I’ve found two reviews of the America and the Tintype exhibition from the last week:

    NYT Review:

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