Art on the Wall

I’ve often heard it said that the hardest part about collecting art (or receiving it as a gift, or anything else to do with it) is getting it up on the walls. I whole-heartedly agree with this, from bitter personal experience. I happen to have a pretty respectable collection of watercolors, drawings, and photography that I would love to hang in my home. But right now it’s all in boxes and tucked away. Why? Well… a lot of reasons, but I think procrastination is starting to work its way to the top of the list.

If you have the same problem as me, maybe some inspiration would help. I know that reading browsing the following links, which I came across on the 20×200 blog, made me want to dig everything out of the boxes and get them up on the walls. Now if only frames weren’t so expensive…

20×200: Art Hanging 101
Abbey Goes Design Scouting: Hello, Gallery Walls
Domino Magazine: Hanging Art

And a how-to guide if you like the looks on the above pages: Apartment Therapy: Hanging Groups of Artwork.

Obviously this grouped look is one of many (though the original 20×200 post does have other ideas than just the gallery wall concept). I’ll post more links when I come across them, and maybe a few personal photos if I ever get around to decorating my own walls.


~ by David Cupp on September 29, 2008.

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