PW | Welcome to Portrait Week

Welcome to Portrait Week! A whole week of blog posts dedicated to portraiture… ok, so not a whole week of blog posts. The delay in the start of PW is owed mostly to a stomach virus and secondarily to a big commission I’m finishing up this week.

So why devote a week to portraiture? Well, there’s basically two major focuses (focii?) in my business, fine art and portraiture. The blog, however, has steadily become more and more focused on the fine art side of photography. Granted, there’s no rule that says the blog and the business have to match up perfectly, but surely if nearly half of one part of my life is devoted to portraits, then surely this other part can be devoted to it 1/52 of the year.

Why October? Well, autumn tends to be the time of year most families do their portraits. I know some serious portrait photographers who only open their studios between Labor Day and Veterans Day, and make their years’ income during the fall months. October specifically is a very… portraity month. (I hereby declare that to be a proper adjective.) So the first week of October seems like a good time to do this.

So over the next few days, look out for the occassional post about portraity things… and next week we’ll get back to our regularly scheduled programming, for which I already have a number of exciting ideas.\

Oh yeah, and don’t forget… If you book your portrait job by midnight October 11, you’ll get a 15% discount on your sitting fee and a 20% discount on prints. Just contact me through the website to inquire about scheduling your sitting.


~ by David Cupp on October 6, 2008.

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