Special Edition Offer: 2007 Clouds Folio

2007 Clouds FolioAs I mentioned a few days ago, when my website redesign is unveiled I will be offering several new items in the fine art section. Among the things I will be introducing is a series of annual folios featuring 10 prints of cloud photographs taken over the course of the year. The 2007 folio will be the inaugural set in this new collection.

Since I have a number of dedicated blog readers, I am going to be offering the 2007 folio as a special edition only to readers of the blog, at an introductory price. For one thing, I know that some readers are still trying to think of holiday gift ideas, and I don’t know if the website will be ready to go live soon enough for gifts to ship by Chistmas. Additionally, this offers readers a way to support the blog – as you have probably noticed by now, I don’t have a Donate button anywhere and I don’t advertise.

The 2007 Clouds Folio will be available in two sizes – 2.5×5″ images on a set of 4×6″ prints, and 5×10″ images on a set of 10×12″ prints. The introductory price will be $100 for the small set and $200 for the large set. This price will only be available through December 31, and once the set is offered on the website, you will need to note that you are a blog reader to get this discount.

To order the 2007 Clouds Folio and support my work on this blog, please contact me at davidcupp.photo@gmail.com.


~ by David Cupp on December 3, 2008.

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