A clarification

I should have known that a just-the-facts approach to the current situation would raise more concerns than are warranted, considering the kind-hearted people who seem to make up my readership.

To get one thing out of the way – no I’m not giving up photography. The artistic mojo is not lacking. However, pursuing a photography career (in the broadest sense, as my current job description encompasses portraitist, wedding photog, artistic consultant, and editorial and educational blogger) as a full-time occupation can take some time to get off the ground financially. I happened to choose a particularly troublesome moment to make the attempt.

I should also restate this – the business as a business is not going away. It turns out that continuing print sales as a private person would actually be even more problematic than keeping the business going. So I’m changing my status from “closed” to “hiatus”.

I will be continuing my personal artistic work. I will continue the kinds of portrait jobs that I’ve done for years. And I may even continue selling my prints. The more time-intense aspects of the job, however – keeping a steady schedule on the blog and doing portraits as a commercial activity – I will suspend. If I find a full-time job in this climate that will allow me to restart, then I will. If the current situation clears up and I can once again try to get off the ground, then I will try.

I’m not going anywhere. Anyone who wants to reach me can do so at any of the half a dozen email addresses I have floating around.

And if the idea of me closing up shop distresses you overmuch, and the resources are within your reach, please feel free to send me a huge bulk order for prints or ask about commissioning me for some huge-budget project.

But mostly, just please continue supporting the art and artists you love, whoever they are and however you can.


~ by David Cupp on December 22, 2008.

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