Army Releases Korea Photos, Video

From Stars and Stripes, Army Puts Collection of Korean War Photos, Videos Online:

The U.S. Army is now offering on the Internet a rare and often stark look at Korean War combat captured through the lenses of military photographers and other cameramen.

The images — which also document the plight of Korea’s war-stricken refugees — provide a broad look at the 1950 to 1953 war that ravaged the peninsula and led to a U.S. military presence in South Korea that continues to this day.

Installation Management Command-Korea posted more than 40 video clips and about 150 still photos from Defense Department archives that show all the services in action.

The photography is on Flickr. Videos were posted to YouTube.

The still photos are sharp, clear, and offer a rich variety of wartime images — tanks and infantry in action, airstrikes, wounded troops receiving first aid, armistice negotiations and scenes of battle-damaged cities. They also show the war as seen in the faces of the Korean people — children, parents, the elderly, left homeless and pensive as the fighting moved back and forth across the peninsula.

Thanks to The Online Photographer for the tip.


~ by David Cupp on January 8, 2009.

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