For the sake of posting

I spent the better part of my morning (while in an energetic overdrive induced by the sulfides that I hope will quickly clear up this sinus congestion) re-categorizing my art blogs on Google Reader. Once I was done changing all the blogs from a single massive category to several subject-specific labels, I counted them all. At this very moment, I am following 115 blogs that are in some way related to the visual arts. Of these, my rough guess would be that 1/3 are updated more often than once a day. When I go a week without reading blogs, the backlog comes to well over a thousand.

So with all that volume, you would think I would have more things to talk about – to cross-post – to commentate upon. And yet it’s been nearly two weeks since my last (and even in that case, non-substantive) post. Why?

I want to say that I’ve been busy with projects, but that’s not true. I’ve been busy with the minutiae, the administrative backend, of projects. In addition to finding models for a figure study project that I’ve been putting off for far too long, I am preparing to embark on two major new projects. One will be a series of images of Santa Rosa County, with inspiration for the style coming from as disparate sources as Ansel Adams, Eugene Atget, and Sally Mann. The other is a portrait series that I can’t really describe in a single sentence – let’s just say it’s going to be fun, if it all works out.

In addition to all that, my goddaughter turned four, my cousin has a new girlfriend and they came to visit, I got sick this week, etc, etc, etc. The fact is that this blog is a part of my life, and so when life gets too busy it is as likely as reading, TV, or whatever else, to fall by the side. But I still care about it, and I know from the statistics that some of you care about it too. So sometimes, even when everything else calls for my attention, I promise I’ll post just for the sake of posting.


~ by David Cupp on February 28, 2009.

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