iPhone Pics, Pt. 1

I am on a trip to the Keys to help my parents get moved back down to their home here for the next couple of months. I forgot to bring my camera, but even though it would have been no trouble to go back and get it once I realized my mistake, I decided to set myself an experiment – to use the iPhone camera that I’ve always deprecated to journal my trip.

The two-day drive down ended up being relatively sparse, photography-wise. This had more to do with a phone battery mostly depleted today by conversations with a friend who lost his father this morning. Nonetheless, I’m going to upload what I took yesterday and today, and then I’m going to set a goal for 5-10 workable shots each day for the rest of my time here, busy though it will be.

Because the iPhone camera has some significant limitations, I am using a free app called “Polarize” to take advantage of them. To me, the images as modified have the look of my grandparents’ vacation photos, so I’m going with that theme and looking for explicitly vernacular subjects. While driving today I was even trying to maximize the reflection of the inside of the car on the windshield. Fine art this ain’t, though this experiment may lead to future projects.









[1] My grandmother asleep in my parents’ hotel room, with their dog getting drowsy and about to curl up on her feet. [2] The top of an interesting tree that was right outside my hotel room window. [3] The overpass of I75 at Exit 350 in Ocala, FL. [4-5] Some of the cool cloud formations that were covering central Florida today. [6-9] Parts of the massive infrastructure that supplies central Florida’s energy needs.


~ by David Cupp on March 6, 2009.

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