iPhone Pics, Pt. 6






[1] Manatees are the most common novelty mailboxes, but there are plenty of other fun examples. [2] And sometimes even a front gate can function as public art. [3] I’m not sure what plant this is, but I thought it looked nice. [4] A sailboat that was sitting off the point just after sunset. [5] The sign at the front of my parents’ neighborhood.


~ by David Cupp on March 31, 2009.

One Response to “iPhone Pics, Pt. 6”

  1. David. Aunt Phala’s stove was never emply, now was her table.
    Her butter churn (glass jar w/churn) was on the counter.
    A pan of her biscuits right out of the over with that fresh churned butter~~now for a Houston gal, that was heaven.

    And, not vist to Aunt Phala’s kitchen was ever complete without her famous 5 layer yellow cake with that silky thin layer of chocolate icing served with homemade ice cream made in the old hand churn.

    The picture of the stove needed some goodies.

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