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A few months ago, appeared on the Web. Then a few weeks ago, Google Images began carrying the photographic archive of LIFE magazine. Everyone wondered what the point of the website would be. Today we found out. was launched this morning as an online continuation of the concept behind LIFE magazine.

LIFE and Getty Images, the two most recognized names in photography, have joined forces to provide you instant access to millions of breathtaking photographs – for free. not only lets you wander through the legendary LIFE and Getty archives, but with more than 3,000 new photos added every day, it also gives you the best pictures of the people and places shaping our world now.

Translation? is aiming to be the site of choice for photo essays covering contemporary politics and culture. Two interesting ones to start you off: The Eleven Faces of Barack Obama and WWII: The Major Battles. There are also some interesting features with a lot of promise, like “Would You Rather See…” which offers two captions and lets you choose the photo you’d rather see (turns out Anderson Cooper in 1972 was cuter than Dick Clark in 1958), and Guest Editor (right now: Ellen DeGeneres picks’s 6 cutest dogs).

Each photo offers a direct link to licensing through Getty, and some photos are offered for purchase as fine art prints (though in my own browsing I didn’t see any pictures with the link – maybe this feature isn’t functional yet). also plants its flag firmly in the 21st century with a Twitter feed, a Facebook page, several RSS feeds, and a “Picks of the Week” newsletter.

The site looks like it has a lot of fantastic potential – you should go check it out!


~ by David Cupp on March 31, 2009.

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