Another Ryan Pfluger Print Sale

Those of you who love Ryan Pfluger’s work as much as I do are in luck – he’s having another print sale, and it looks like this one will be the best yet. He’s offering eight portraits from a brand new series for only $50 – shipping included!

It will be a unique set of 8 head portraits from the project which is now entitled “the view”. Each set will have unique writings as well as a unique assortment of the portraits themselves. It’s really the nicest of all the sets I’ve done, and something I’m really excited for people to have. All prints are 5×7 and it’s a limited edition of 25.

More details are on Ryan’s blog here.

Unfortunately I’m strapped for cash right now, so unless there are still some sets available in a couple of weeks – and frankly I’ll be shocked if there are any left by this weekend – I won’t be able to add this special set to my small but growing collection of Ryan’s prints.

As long as I’m writing about him anyway, I should mention that Ryan’s been updating his web site, to add new work from the last few months. Both the Portraits and Fashion sections of are overhauled so far.


~ by David Cupp on April 15, 2009.

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