New Portraits: Lilly

Lilly Triptych

Lilly is an adorable little girl who asks no more out of life than that she be allowed to observe and experience it on her own terms. Including even Ani, I have never seen a toddler so pleasant and easy-going. It’s a real joy to have a child like Lilly play a significant role in my life, and it doesn’t hurt that she makes quite as good a model as any 16-month-old out there. The portraits above were made last Thursday during a trip to Robertsdale, AL, where my dad and aunt visited their childhood home and we made a pilgrimage to the family cemetery. In fact, the two close-ups are taken inside the cemetery and the middle one is just down the road from it. When Lilly decided she needed to explore this deserted country road for herself, I just had to hang back and grab this shot – in my mind it was originally titled “Running Away from Home” but my aunt suggested “Starting Down the Long Road of Life” which somehow seems far more appropriate.


~ by David Cupp on May 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “New Portraits: Lilly”

  1. Thank you, dear David!

  2. Gosh she is cute!

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