78 Rules

Photographer Ivar Gravlejs has created a satirical work, Useful advices for photographers. Helpfully, reblogging site The Gawno Magazine has compiled them onto one page titled 78 Photography Rules for Complete Idiots. Don’t fall into the same trap as some of the commenters – this is SATIRE, and not true rules for making photographic art. Or even for taking snapshots for that matter, although I know some people that would do well to take some of the advice to heart.

Some of my favorites:

20. It’s better to photograph clouds, when there are clouds.

26. Problematic of bird photography; try to catch the decisive moment, like when the bird is still there.

32. When you take a picture of a sunset, it is better not to miss the sunset.

45. When you photograph it is better to look in the viewfinder not the lens.

52. If you want to photograph a flower, it’s better to photograph the flower.

58. It’s better not to photograph if you are drunk.

Browse the whole list. Trust me, if nothing else, it’ll give you a good laugh for your trouble.


~ by David Cupp on June 29, 2009.

One Response to “78 Rules”

  1. Awww, I was hoping for rules to follow that would help. 😦 And what’s worse is since I don’t know how to take pics these aren’t that funny.

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