More Administrative News

This summer has been… crazy. In oh so many ways. Suffice to say I’ve been doing almost no shooting for the last couple of months. That will be changing soon, with some jobs coming up that will have me delving into my old model roster. Some personal shooting with my current models and some new recruits as well. In the meantime, I have been tied up with some more backend things, including a lot of fuss over a hard drive that crashed with a few jobs on it, and trying to get the website mess sorted out.

One bit of personal that I’ll sneak in, one of my favorite models, Zak, and his wife are expecting. This led to a silly bit of confusion a couple of weeks ago. I was pre-writing draft posts for some things that will be coming up over the next few months, and once I knew the sex and name of the baby, I wrote one saying that she was born. And of course I clicked “Publish” instead of “Save”. The post is gone now, but apologies to those of you who saw it and got confused.

Right now I’m planning a trip to Columbus for the end of the month, though it’s very tentative. It’s well over a year now since Ani had her last “official” portrait, so that needs to be done before long.

Business-wise I’m pulling back from the paid portrait/event/wedding side of things. This is to give me more of a chance to concentrate on editorial and advertorial photography as well as return to my fine art roots. As soon as “real life” settles down a bit, I’ll be returning to some of the large projects I had begun in the winter and spring. These will involve a lot of non-commissioned (well, technically they’re self-commissioned) portraits… if anyone out there wants yours done, now is the time to ask, since it’ll basically be free.


~ by David Cupp on July 2, 2009.

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