Daniel Shea Print Sale

Daniel Shea is offering prints to support new work:

My next long term project, an extension of my explorations of the coal industry and the Appalachian region, will take place in the Ohio River Valley. In September of 2007, I traveled to Ohio to investigate coal-fired power plants. Expecting similarities to West Virginia, I found an entirely different force at work. The threads that connect mountaintop removal/coal extraction to the burning and energy transformation of the fossil fuel were only linear. At that point I realized that making work about this region would be a necessary and complete follow up to Removing Mountains.

The print sale will support the first visit to the region, after which I plan on working with a few magazines that have shown interest in producing a story about coal burning in this region. With a new administration and a shifting public conscious, I feel very strongly about creating work that is topically relevant and socially engaged.

You can purchase from a select offering of smaller editioned prints for $50-75, or take a print of any image on his website for $15-25. Or if you can afford it, check out Option Three, a truly exciting offer.

Details here. And as usual, if anyone wants to buy me a print, feel free.


~ by David Cupp on August 15, 2009.

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