Zone Zero Friday 2009

Zone Zero: Pure black, as defined by the Ansel Adams Zone System

Black Friday: The day after Thanksgiving Day in the United States, one of the busiest shopping days of the year

Zone Zero Friday: A day to consider fine art photography-related purchases to use as holiday gifts

I was hoping this year’s post would be filled with some great offers submitted by users and announced by artists and galleries… not so much. The economy affects artists as much as anyone else, and there’s not much room to discount when it comes to these kinds of purchases. But I’m going to do my best to give a quick run-down of some budget-conscious photography-related gift ideas.

One discount that has been announced – and the source is appropriate, considering the Zone Zero reference – is from the Ansel Adams Gallery, offering 15% off any item purchased on November 27 – just use discount code AABlackFriday at checkout for your discount.

And since Brooks Jensen first suggested the Zone Zero Friday concept, I should mention some of the great products available from Lenswork. A subscription to either the print or extended versions of the magazine would be a great present for any photography enthusiast. Lenswork has also re-introduced their Folios with digital printing. Alumni Stu Levy and Jeff Curto, among others, have folios available at reduced prices right now. There are also some great holiday deals on back issues to complete your collection. Just click on the Holiday Specials page. And of course Brooks offers his folios and images from the recently-completed New 100 Prints Project.

A number of photography books have been introduced in the last year. I recommend you visit Photo-Eye to browse their great selection. Errata Editions has announced a second release of limited edition reprints.

For portfolios and prints, you can read my post from last year for online sources. But in light of current economic hardships, I really want to recommend that if you’re interested in purchasing artwork you visit your local gallery. There’s usually at least one art gallery even in the smallest of towns that will have work by local photographers for sale. This not only benefits the artist, it helps these great resources for local art and culture.

Finally, since there’s no advertising on this blog, once again I feel justified in reminding you that my own work is available for sale in a variety of formats. Just contact me – I’ll be running a number of different discounts over the holiday season and into the new year.

And one last idea. If you don’t like the idea of trying to choose a print or even a book for someone whose taste you might not be entirely familiar with – give them a gift certificate for a local portraitist. Everyone from Olan Mills to the highest-end portrait artist will sell you one, and a new family portrait will never go out of style as a treasured present.

A tip: If you’d like someone to consider a fine art photography gift for you this year, leave a comment with something you’d particularly enjoy – and then include a link to this post in your holiday wish list this year. Maybe someone will notice your request and give you something you really want this year.


~ by David Cupp on November 27, 2009.

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