Although I’ve never felt inhibited about sharing my own photography on this blog, it’s always been within a certain context that I’ve done so. It’s never been a place I felt inclined to use to showcase random snaps I’ve taken recently, or to give too much exposure to developing projects.

With that in mind, I recently created a Tumblr feed for myself, to experiment with this different style and forum of blogging that has become so popular. It’s been rather enjoyable so far. I’ve finally been able to give some exposure to the figure study I’ve been discussing for so long, and to showcase an ongoing not-really-a-project of still lifes of spring flowers growing in my yard (although the first in the series was of an onion that had decided to turn back into a plant on my kitchen counter, and I expect it will expand as I find new things to document).

So, if you’re at all inclined, please visit me at http://dcupp.tumblr.com. If you’re also a Tumblr user, you can follow me; if you’re not there’s an RSS feed if you’d like a way to keep up with my postings automatically.


~ by David Cupp on April 10, 2010.

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