I left home on June 30 for a trip to Canada, and emotionally I still really haven’t settled back in again. The trip was a blast, and it made me rethink several aspects of my daily life. That, combined with a busy work schedule and a lot of personal upheaval, has kept me from doing a lot of what I love most. That includes not just maintaining this blog, but nearly all the things that I consider to be part of being a photographer.

Things are beginning to calm down somewhat, and I expect to start slowly re-entering the world of blogging. This serves as a forum not merely to display my work and publicize other artists’ projects, but also as a place for me to “think out loud” and work my way through some of the mental and emotional parts of the artistic process.

So, if anyone is still around out there – I’m (you know, mostly) back.


~ by David Cupp on November 8, 2010.

One Response to “Hiatus”

  1. Hey Mr. Cupp,
    I was looking around on here and I haven’t seen a 2011 entry. Maybe I just can’t find them, but it made me wonder what have you been doing in the ways of photography lately. Also since this a blog I hope you are doing well in your life adventure.

    Best wishes

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