Errata Limited Editions Shipping

Jeffrey Ladd announced yesterday that Errata Editions will begin shipping the Limited Editions set immediately, on receipt of payment of course.

Finally…Finally…the wait is over. The first of the Errata Editions Books on Books series has arrived to the United States! Our ship didn’t sink. The container didn’t fall overboard. They didn’t fall off the back of the truck and wind up being sold on the streets of Secaucus for pennies. They survived the long journey from China in perfect mint condition with no bumped corners or anything.

You can pay here. Incomprehensibly, some of the Limited Edition sets are still available, so get in touch with EE if you want to take advantage of this either for yourself or as a gift (perfect holiday gift – if you order now I imagine you’ll receive your books in plenty of time).

My payment went in this morning, and I’m on the edge of my seat looking forward to receiving my books. I’ll be posting as soon as I receive these exciting and innovative volumes.

Previous on this topic: Announcing Errata Editions and Errata Editions Publishing Diary. (Read the latter if you haven’t already – it will make you drool to receive these books.)


~ by David Cupp on December 3, 2008.

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